Who Am I? Part 2

A stat dec in my grandfather’s RAAF records along with warrants and notes of how often he was AWOL declared he is one and the same as the birth record we find under HART. The surname his children carry and believed theirs was DILLON. Not even his first name is the same.

One son was told he was named for his father and grandfather.

How was this all kept secret?

My grandmother spoke often of my grandfather. He was a good man sober. The best. She loved him dearly, but drunk; he was a basher. He beat her and he beat the kids. She loved his eyes. He’d asked her to marry him twice before she agreed.

My mother was born in Wagga Wagga, the address on her birth certificate is an area on the river known as “Tin Town”. A humpy. My grandmother told us stories of living in a tent, on the river, rabbiting to feed kids, watching toddlers on the river and him drinking the little money they had.

Five kids. Each born in a different town. A humpy on the TSR at Binnaway.

So, why this itinerant life? Why the humpies and tents? She came from much better than this.

Grandfather’s mother died when he was a young boy. He was raised by his step father, alone and probably drunk.

First and surnames changed to match those of the step father. I wonder what they were running from?

Or to?



“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” ~ Spencer Johnson.

Fear stops us doing lots of things.

Fear prevents us taking risks, from trying something new.

Fear keeps us in bad relationships, fear stops us making changes.

“What if?”

And then, what if your were not afraid?

What if you had no fear?

Would you travel more? Take greater risks? Make a life change?

Fear has the benefit of making us think carefully before we act, some fear is a good thing. It keeps us diligent, ensures we use some caution.

But fear can block us and prevent us from making decisions.

Does fear have you paralysed?

Are you afraid of the future?

What are you afraid of?

Healthy fear? Or too much fear?

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